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The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison 2

The Kiss Kathryn Harrison

The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison

Dear L

didn’t wrap this, not a proper present ‘cos bought it from 2nd hand shop, but you can’t have a present that does not include a book!

It’s a book I just finished. It’s not in any way “significant” (i.e. it’s partly about a mother/daughter relationship, but it’s not a parallel or anything). In fact it’s fairly devastating; I found it so distressing I wanted to give up after the first 1/3, but was trapped on a train with it, and not reading wd have

The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison 1

been more distressing! In the end it was worth it, some sort of closure, and it’s a memoir, the writer’s life; written so lyrically, spare + forgiving, it is going to stay with me. But if you don’t want to read it, I can empathize.


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