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On The Party by Liu Shao-Chi 2

On The Party Liu Shao-Chi

On The Party by Liu Shao-Chi


As an old tanky you may appreciate it

All the Best

Love Charlies X


  1. HJ says:

    It’s probably clearer on the original, but are you sure that

    “tanky” isn’t “turkey” and

    “Charlies” isn’t “Charles”?

    Both seem more likely and look correct to me.

    PS I love your blog of the odd things people write in books, but sometimes wonder why the recipients no longer own them (especially when they’re given with love).

    1. waynebg says:

      Hi Hi

      Oops. Yes, ‘Charlies’ is a typo. Thanks for spotting. Have corrected.

      As for ‘tanky’, though, this is actually correct. Ahem. From the Oxford Dictionary of modern slang:

      2: A member of the former British Communist Party who supported hardline (esp. interventionist) Soviet policies; usu. in pl. (1985 —) .
      Guardian The New Communist Party of Britain…has issued this guidance to the world’s press. ‘Please do not describe the NCP as “Stalinists” or “Tankies” ‘ (1988).

      [From tank noun + -y; from the use of Soviet tanks to put down uprisings.]

      And thanks also for your kind words re blog. Much appreciated. As for your wondering: yes, me too. This is the saddest thing of all, no?

      Very Best


      1. HJ says:

        Wow! I should have checked “tanky” before I queried it; my apologies!

        1. waynebg says:

          No probs – no one can take ‘Charlie’ away from you!

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