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Love and Friendship by Jane Austen 2

Love and Friendship Jane Austen

Love and Friendship by Jane Austen

Darling Pip,

Just a little gift for you to enjoy on Valentine’s Day from your teenage girl.

All my love,



P.S. Read the forward and you’ll understand…


[NB. Fay Weldon’s foreward opens with “What a delightful volume this is – Jane Austen on the lives and loves of teenage girls… These are the same young girls we know today – monsters of hypocrisy while doing their best to be good – moaning, accusing, forgiving, giggling, weeping, fainting, screaming in delight or outrage, who’s to tell; one moment seducing, the next spurning; kind and cruel by turns, intuitive yet obtuse; wholly resistant to parental advice, hopelessly noisy, and in general able to charm and appal within the hour…”]

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