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Mister Johnson by Joyce Cary 2

Mister Johnson Joyce Cary

Mister Johnson by Joyce Cary 5

May 1991

Dear John

When I was twelve or thirteen years old Grandma became increasingly alarmed at my philistine preoccupation with science and agriculture. I remember being whisked off to the bookshop in Bury, where on my behalf she selected “Mister Johnson”, my first ‘adult’ book.

It was an inspired choice – it amused me, introduced me to the joys of literature and also to the notion of an overseas colonial service. The book thus had a profound influence on my life; without it I may never have gone to Africa, and you may not have been born thirty years ago. To it you probably owe your existence and it is high time you were introduced. I pass it to you in turn with much love.



  1. Aguguo jude i says:

    Never allow your ideas about africans to be limited to that of mister johnson in this play. Thanks

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