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L'Alchimiste by Paulo Coelho 2

L'Alchimiste Paulo Coelho

L'Alchimiste by Paulo Coelho
Au milieu de l’océan , ce dimanche 7 Octobre 2001,

Mon amour.

Je suis assise dans l’avion; toute menue et je me sens si vulnérable mais avec tout l’amour de la terre pour toi. Je ne peux accepter ne plus te revoir de ma vie. C’est pourquoi même si il y’a de fortes chances que tu me rejettes avec violence et véhémence, je viens quand même vers toi. Saches que je t’aime. Aujourd’hui tu m’as dis que tu ne savais plus si tu m’aimais mais moi je sais, pour deux, pour le monde entier, que je t’aime. J’ai beaucoup de mal à dire ces mots, car j’ai toujours eu peur de m’attacher donc de souffrir. J’ai choisi par hasard ce livre dans l’aéroport. Je ne le connaissais que de nom. Et certains passages calme mon angoisse. Je les ai souligné pour toi- ils disent qu’il faut aller au bout de ses rêves; que le langage de tous les hommes c’est le langage des choses que l’on fait avec amour, avec passion, en vue d’un résultat que l’on souhaite obtenir ou en quoi l’on croit. Je crois en toi, en nous, en nos enfants. Je suis venue là en sachant que tu vas peut être me repousser, mais tu es trop important et je prends ce risque.



In the middle of the ocean this Sunday 7th October 2001

My love,

I am sitting in the plane, I feel so small and vulnerable but with all the love on earth for you. I cannot accept that I will not see you again in my life, that’s why, even if there is a strong chance that you reject me with violence and vehemence, all the same I come to you. You have to know that I love you. Today you told me that you didn’t know if you loved me any more. But me, I know, for two, for the whole world that I love you. I find it so hard to say these words, I have always been afraid to attach myself and therefore suffer. I have chosen this book by chance in the airport. I only knew it by name, and certain passages calm my anxiety. I have underlined them for you. They say that you must follow your dreams, that the language of men is the language of things that one can do with love, with passion, seeing the result that one wishes to obtain or which one believes in. I believe in you, in us, in our children. I came here knowing that you might push me away but you are too important and I take this risk.



  1. What a lovely text! Amélia has the assured and elegant pen of the letter-writers of old.
    I hope you will forgive my pointing out a small error in the transcription (and therefore also in the translation) of the text: line 2 actually reads “toute menue et je me sens si vulnérable…” (“menue” meaning small or frail) instead of “toute même”, which doesn’t mean much.


    1. waynebg says:

      Thanks Florence. Will amend – am I right in thinking the correct sentence should read: “I am sitting in the plane; I feel so small and vulnerable but with all the love on earth for you.” ?

  2. Translation Chronicles says:

    Hi, this is really lovely and it’s so sad that the person it was given to didn’t hold on to it.
    I think I have spotted a few imprecisions in the translation, forgive me for pointing them out. I think ‘avoir du mal a’ is more ‘to find it hard/difficult to’ and ‘il faut aller au bout de ses reves’ is impersonal so in English it would make more sense to use ‘you’: ‘they say that you must follow your dreams’.


    1. waynebg says:

      Thanks Natalia – have ammended where I can, but can’t find the “avoir du mal a” passage. Am I going blind??



      1. Translation Chronicles says:

        sorry Wayne, there is a ‘beaucoup’ in the middle of it: ‘J’ai beaucoup de mal’, line 7 of the French transcription.
        I also saw another couple of things: ‘connaissais’ in line 9 is in the past so the English should be ‘I only knew it by name’ and in the last sentence ‘peut etre’ is missing from the translation which should convey possibility not certainty (‘I came here knowing that you might push me away/ maybe you’ll push me away’).


        1. waynebg says:

          Great. Thanks so much for this, Natalia. I think I’ve got it right now. (Have I?)

          1. Translation Chronicles says:


          2. waynebg says:

            Brilliant! Thanks again.


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