The Cold Embrace Alex Hamilton

The Cold Embrace - Stories of the macabre Edited by Alex Hamilton

Every little bit hurts ..

E L B H.

Every nite I cry Every nite I sigh

”                  ” I wonder why oh you treat me cold

Yet you won’t let me go – –

E L B H   E L H C E L H C [Every little hurt counts]

You say your [sic] coming home yet you

never phone leave me all alone

my love is strong for you I do wrong – –

for you.

I can’t . . Take this lonlyness [sic] you give

me. I can’t go on giving my life away

come back to me darling

you’ll see I can give you all

the things that you wanted me for.

If you will stay with me

E L B H. E L B H

To you I am a toy and your [sic] the boy

Who has to say when I can play you

you hurt me desert me.


E L B H   E L B H


[NB Every Little Bit Hurts was written by Ed Cobb and was originally a hit single for Motown singer Brenda Holloway in 1964. The Cold Embrace is an anthology of macabre short stories by women writers, published in 1966.]


  1. Lena says:

    Think you’ve left out a couple of “sic”s.

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